How to Find a Good Supplier in China?




Trying to find a good supplier from China? No sure about how to do it effectively?


There are many suppliers in China, some of them are reliable, some of them are not so good.


Read this article, maybe we can help you by 6 steps.


Step 1: Confirm what you really need.



Firstly you need to know which kind of suppliers are suitable for you: manufacturer or trading company, big company or small family-owned, 

supplier with customized capability or supplier that only make standard products. Choose the right suppliers can help you to get products 

you need (quality, price etc.). Wrong suppliers may cause problems. For example, if your client is big and strict with quality, you’d better 

use a supplier with big production capability and high quality; if you need to import products in a narrow range, you may choose a 

manufacturer other than a trading company.


Step 2: Make a table.



Make an excel table, write down what you want to know about the suppliers, such as company name, location, website, 

main products, company scope etc., this can help you to do the search more efficiently and effectively.


Step 3: Choose keywords and search



Select some keywords which are related to your business or your products, and search each keywords on google or bing or yahoo etc., 

the first 100-200 results will be the most relevant websites related to your business, pick the suitable ones and fill in the excel table.


Step 4: Use B2B platform to find more



Besides google/bing/yahoo, B2B platform is another choice, in China there are 3 famous B2B: alibaba, made-in-china and global sources. 

There are many suppliers in alibaba, many of them are trading companies but pretend to be manufacturers, it's not easy to find out which suppliers

 are good; made-in-china is kind of small with limited suppliers; global sources use to be the number 1, but its business in China became bad in the 

past 5 years and it had been sold in 2017. In our opinion, google is the best choice to find good suppliers.


Step 5: Narrow down the list



Now you have enough data of suppliers, but not all or them are suitable for you. So you need to pick the good ones, narrow down the list of 

suppliers you want to work with to a manageable amount. Visit their websites, check the information of about us/products/ portfolio etc. , 

send inquiries via their website’s inquiry system.


Step 6: Find a local agent to help you.



You are not living in China, and sometimes you can go to China frequently, so a local Chinese agent can help you. He/She can help you to visit and 

evaluate the suppliers, check the quality during the production, handle the shipment and so on. If you have a local agent in China, 

your business will be easier and more efficient.




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