15 Ways for Shoe Display Technique


    In addition to the warehouse store, most consumers attach great importance to the shoe store atmosphere, but what is "shoe store atmosphere"? Sometimes the clerks have no ideas about it.

   The atmosphere includes the decor, path size, the color, lights, shoes. Finally, the shop assistant's clothes, attitude.

This chapter mainly discusses the basic structure of shoe display.

   And if it's appropriate, it would be better to change the shoe display to shoe show. It is rare for a man to get on stage a few times in his life. Before the stage, it will be careful to make up a bit of oneself, and after the people of the past ask oneself to be good not good-looking,
    Attitude is incomparably cautious. In the same way, today, we anthropomorphize the shoes, and how the shoes sell the depth of their own makeup.

   ( 1 ) Shoe display have their own guidelines for organizing, display and performence:

    The average consumer rarely goes into a shoe store and decides to buy that pair of shoes, usually when you enter the shoe store, you will look at the shoe shop first, then start looking at the type of shoe that you choose. So in terms of consumer habits, the following three shoe store areas must be distinguished:

 1 ) External window display area

 2 ) Shoe display area (Store display), Sales display

 3 ) Shoe look area. (Shoe display, merchandise performance, shop overall performance, visual attraction area.)

    Also notice that the shoe store is a place where shoes are sold, everything should be easy to see, easy to understand, easy to take, and easy touch. As shoe display, these are the guidelines we need to follow.

    ( 2 ) The basic principles of construction and composition for shoe display

The composition is supposed to be a plane box, distribution of shoes and merchandise, Shoes are three-dimensional. But from all angles, it is also a plane, and with four basic principles:

 1 ) 5 to 5

 2 ) 7 to 3

 3 ) One third

 4 ) 7 to 3 cross composition

Arrangement and reorganization for shoe display:

The arrangement is to make it easy for consumers to understand and watching shoes, it only needs regular sorting, and keeping shoes clean are natural. It will show a high level of feeling and vice versa. The reorganization is a sorting way which according to the fetures of products, such as color, material, price and so on.

    ( 3 ) The display should be arranged from the middle to top and the bottom:

Usually when placing goods, the clerk will start from the top to bottom or from the bottom to top. We will always feel something wrong, when it comes to the third floor.

Therefore, the arrangement and decoration should start from the middle section, and the upper and lower sections can be aligned according to the middle section.

    ( 4 ) The shoes are displayed in the base of odd number

Odd Numbers are used both all times, the range of applications is very wide, so the number of shoes displayed also applies an odd number of permutations.

    ( 5 ) Step-wise repeat method for shoe display

In this way, consumers can see the shoes of shoe store are clear at a glance, no matter for shopping malls or small shops.

    ( 6 ) Goup display for products with similar characteristics

People have different types of habits, consumers easy to understand, the shoes look very neat, the grouping of shoes has the following benchmarks: shape, color, material, function, brand. Unlike other products, shoes in same size are not suitable for display together, or it will cause great trouble when trying on.

    ( 7 ) The rankings for shoe display should be from left to right, from top to bottom, from front to back

    ( 8 ) The principle of triangular for shoe display

Compared with the plane, the three-dimensional objects are always noticeable. Try to use stereoscopic display skills or cross-displays within available space.

    ( 9 ) Space collection method

Blindly put all the space full of display methods, take advantage of space effectively, but it gives consumers the feeling of congestion, stress, low product quality.

There are several implications for taking space:

1. Powerful
2. Spiritual cannot express in words
3. Convey a feeling
4. Invisible
5. Silence

Therefore, the overall composition of shoes and shoes should be taken into consideration.

    (10) Make use of the box effect

Precious photographs or pictures are framed, not only for protection, but also for emphasis, highlight, and underline. Therefore, the window products are framed to attract the attention of pedestrians.

    (11) Use the light back effect, the screen effect

Setting the light source behind the shoes, will give rise to a sense of reverence, called the light back effect. Or laying out single color background behind the shoes, highlighting the shoes image, called the screen effect.

    (12) Among many things, highlight the most exciting thing, it is enough to attract the attention of people

It will be particularly attractive to consumers if there are special or different colors shoes in a group.

    (13) Leave space for important items
It is a wide distance and large viewing space between the collection of art galleries, not only set off the high sense of items, but also allow people to concentrate on viewing. This performance is particularly suitable for high-quality products.

    (14) Beautiful shoes and shoes to attract consumers
Everyone likes beautiful things. Cause the beautiful shoes and the shoe store itself can attract consumers. But it will be uncoordinated if ignore the other shoes and the nearby shoes store.

    (15) Related with topics, scenarios, memories of life 
The memory of human beings is one of the springs that make life feel happy and enjoyable. If the shoe display can make consumers to generate topics, create the dream of their situation, it must be caused their buying desire.