Characteristics of Racks for Shop


According to characteristics of racks for shop, design matching product promotions, high-quality goods display, plus the creative LOGO sign, make products to be eye-catching display before the public, so as to increase the product publicity effect. High-quality display racks for shop can show the characteristics of products in all directions. Rich accessories, and each component can be flexible installation, a variety of color matching, professional design personnel exquisite design. A boutique display pales the traditional facilities.


1.    The features of the display racks for shop


Beautiful appearance, strong structure, free assembly, quick disassembly, convenient transportation. And the high-quality display rack style is graceful, noble and elegant, have the good adornment effect again, the high-quality goods display racks for shop makes the product to produce different outstanding charm.

2.    Range of application

The display rack is widely used in clothing, shoes, bags, mobile phones, jewelry, cosmetics and other products. We can design many designs, make the product display more two points. Show Good Display, specializing in display rack, shelf customization, high-quality display rack is the attention and favor of the majority of customers.

3.    Main types

(1)The display racks for shop can be divided by style:

Floor display frame, magnetic display stand, counter display stand, hanging display frame, special-shaped display frame, rotating exhibition frame, etc.

(2) The display racks for shop can be divided by material:

Metal display stand, acrylic display stand, wooden display stand, paper display stands and so on.

(3) The display racks for shop can be divided by purpose.:

Clothes display stand, shoes display stand, handbag display stand, make up display stand, phone display stand, jewelry display stand, exhibition display stand, food display stand and so on.

Everyone knows that everything needs to be maintained, the racks for shop is no exception. We often clean and maintain display racks to keep them bright. But you may not know, some mistakes of cleaning and maintenance methods, although can temporarily let show clean, but actually to show the potential damage caused by your display frame will be unable to make up for the problems, the opposite. Here's the ways to how to maintain the display rack.


The ways for metal racks for shop:

Dust extraction


Avoid knock against

Clean dust removal

Away from the acid and alkali

Away from the sunshine

Remove rust


For the burn mark of the wood cabinet, use iodine to smear on the top lightly, or put the Vaseline on it, then wiping with a soft cloth can eliminate the burn mark.


For acrylic racks for shop, choose clean dishcloth, it is better to use cotton to absorb water cloth. Or it will lose use original shine if use dirty dishcloth.