The Abilities of Product Display for Clothing


Clothing display is a branch of commodity display. Costume display originated in the UK and was translated into VMD after 1990.


Display is widely used by Display artists.


If you want to do good at clothes display, you need to have below abilities:

1. Planning ability of clothing stores.

2. Store color coordination ability.

3. Store lighting configuration ability.

4. Ability to match clothes.

5. Ability to understand and use clothing display equipment.

6. Clothing display skills.

7. Creative ability of clothing display theme.

8. Analysis, evaluation and management of display cases.

9. Display team management and display system setting ability


Merchandising refers to the product as the theme, the use of certain technical methods and techniques. With the help of certain props, the product will be through by the seller's thought and requirement. Arranging the display regularly to facilitate the purchase of customers, is the main form of advertisement in sales.


A reasonable merchandising is with some important functions, such as display goods well, stimulate sales, facilitate purchase, and save space, beautify shopping environment and so on. According to the statistics, if the store can correctly use the product configuration and display technology, then the sales amount will be increased by 10% on the original basis.