Differences of display rack and display cabinet


Display racks and display cabinets are in everywhere of the shopping mall, so what's the difference between two furniture with similar names? Or two of them are the same thing? Now with that in mind, what's the difference between a display case and a display case? Shelves are used for clothing stores, shopping malls supermarkets, cosmetic stores, jewelry stores and digital stores and so on, such as color with gold, silver, matte black, red, grey and other colors. Because of its size and weight limit, it is usually fixed display of goods in the store. They are generally use wood with painting, relatively high to the requirement of process, especially for jewelry store shelves, need high-quality goods shelves can perfect show a high-end fashion jewelry.



1. Display racks and display cabinets have the same function of display as their names. When we are in a trade fair or a fair or something, we will use display racks or display cases. At this time, the display racks and the display cabinet all play the role of display, to the goods we want to show, the collection of treasures to do a comprehensive display, to give people the opportunity to understand, cognition.

2. The materials of the display racks are stainless steel and wooden. The wooden display frame is the same as the display cabinet. The materials of the display cabinets are mostly solid wood and glass.



1.    The display rack can be said to be a hollowed-out display cabinet, and the display rack is far more than the display cabinet in the display function. Display rack is a hollow design, so it is more comprehensive in the display of goods, so that people can understand more thoroughly. And the display cabinet is far less than the display rack in the exhibition effect, people can only see the goods on the front of display cabinet but the back.

2.    Between the two has the obvious difference, the purpose of the display rack is mainly used to display goods, such as sales promotion, fairs, generally at the time of display, but also put a merchant's LOGO shelves, have the effect of advertising. While exhibiting ark for the most part to use at the time of the meeting, the exposition, under relatively more conservative than exhibition stand, therefore appear to sedate, suitable to show some corporate image on behalf of the goods, or used for museum display items.

According to characteristics of exhibition stand, design matching product promotions, exhibited, coupled with creative LOGO sign, make products to be eye-catching display before the public, so as to increase the product publicity effect. Display rack can Omni-directional demonstrated the characteristics of the products, accessories, and it can record the live each component installation, a variety of color is tie-in, exhibition frame, make traditional facilities related cases and exhibition frame difference is to introduce you to them.


Hope to see the above content, everyone has a clearer understanding of the display rack and display cabinet.